Design Tour: Whimsically Retro Row House in Denver


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BrightNestKazia mixed high-end pieces with more affordable ones from Craigslist and IKEA, but is always seeking new finds.
In the heart of Denver, nestled in the Whittier neighborhood, is Kazia and Eli's bright and colorful row house. While their design taste skews midcentury modern, their home was built at least a century ago, so the row house is a mix of 1950s clean lines and turn-of-the-century high ceilings and natural light.

When Kazia and Eli moved in, Kazia knew she wanted a dark blue fireplace. So, she started with that and then built the rest of the color scheme around that gorgeous focal point. After hours at the Behr paint store, she landed on complementary warm colors to harmonize with the cooler tones of the fireplace.

To fill her home, Kazia mixed high-end pieces from places like CB2 and Crate and Barrel with more affordable finds from Craigslist and IKEA. The most important thing she learned when decorating? She never lets her home feel stagnant and is constantly searching for new finds and art to fill the space.

While we shot photos of their beautiful home, we asked Kazia to share a few thoughts about being a homeowner, and if she had any wise words to pass along. We think her monthly budget tip is genius! In her own words, Kazia said:

What's your best advice for new homeowners?
When I first bought my home, I read The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman. She talked about how your home changes and evolves. It's really true -- and despite reading Needleman's book, it took awhile for that advice to sink in. I thought if I hung a picture, that's where the picture lived. Now, we'll hang something and if we don't like it, we'll move it!

What do you love most about your home?
The colors and light. I had the house painted in cool, warm colors when I moved in, and those colors have really set the tone for how I've decorated since then.

What's your best home cleaning tip?
Keeping a basket of white cloths next to the sink. We use these instead of paper towels. They work better and are much less wasteful!

Do you have any tips or lessons learned when it comes to setting a decorating budget?
I set a budget when I moved in for major changes to the house like painting, taking down walls and redoing our patio garden. I factored this into my overall house budget. I also have a monthly budget of $100-$200 per month for decorating. I love this because it invites me to constantly explore and buy new things, but it keeps me reined in on spending.

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