'American Dream Builders' Victorian Before and After


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ZillowThe designers embraced the ornate style of a traditional Victorian house in the dining room makeover.
By Erika Riggs

With one episode to left go, the playing field on "American Dream Builders" has narrowed quite a bit. Just four designers remained for the latest project: a stately Victorian home in need of a major makeover. Designer Nina converted a messy office into a nursery, transforming the plain, unadorned space into an elegant room that will work for a child for years to come.

"A little glamour -- maybe a chandelier -- is fun in a girl's room. Frilly can be beautiful if it's done correctly," she explained. "That said, there are benefits to sticking to major design elements that are gender neutral so you can use the same nursery for a second child."

Victorian homes are not often simple spaces. Designed in an era of gold and glamour, Victorians have ornate detailing inside and out. The designers embraced the ornate style, creating an entertaining space featuring gold, damask wallpaper and elegant drapery.


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