For Sale: Real 'Scarface' Mansion in Santa Barbara


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ZillowThe four-bedroom, nine-bath home sits on 10 acres, and its rooms are full of artistically crafted details.

By Emily Heffter

Famed plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein and "Real Housewives of Miami" star Lisa Hochstein threw a controversial "Scarface"-theme party at their historic white Miami Beach mansion before they tore it down recently. Tour boats routinely claim the 1983 Al Pacino gangster film was made in the white waterfront manse. In fact, the movie was filmed across the country, in this 1906 mansion in Santa Barbara. The real "Scarface House" is for sale for $35 million.

The Mediterranean estate, surrounded by fountains and Persian gardens, is memorable as the site of the Pacino character's most famous line, shouted over the blast of his machine gun: "Say hello to my little friend!" The Roman-style mansion at 631 Para Grande Lane was designed by architect Bertram Goodhue. Its name, "El Fureidis," means "Tropical Paradise," according to the listing. The four-bedroom, nine-bath home sits on 10 acres, and its rooms are artistically detailed, with painted and gold-leaf ceilings, tiled rooms, woodwork and carvings, and a unique pool with fountains.

It last sold for just $6.23 million in 2009, and in 2012, was listed for rent for $30,000 a month.


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